Golden days

Those last days of Autumn. Cold is already in the air, but when after a rain shower, sun breaks through, the light is still golden and warm. Working inside, snuggling up with books and magazines. Reading blogs and dreaming about setting up for Christmas in a week or two.

autumn tree leaves

I feel blessed in so many ways. These months at home have been a balm to my soul, profound peace for my mind and a gorgeous way to connect with my child. And while I know this won’t last, I also know I’ll carry this beautiful time with me and I feel ready to go back to work again a few weeks from now. I’ll be happy to have my friends and colleagues around, and in a way I also look forward to the structure my days lack now, the feelings of accomplishment, the endless stream of ideas I get from interacting with my students, the good and the bad.

autumn leaf yellow

December is almost there. I pledge to enjoy every minute of it, making this house a home we’ll all come back to, time after time, after a long day at work. The place where we have meals together, we kiss each other goodnight, where we play and learn, watch and discuss, sing, dance and read. Our happy place.

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

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