On toddlers and procrastination

It has been raining all day and we snuggled up inside. Tried to make a selection of pictures to print, wondering how I will manage this challenge when holiday is over. That’s like Monday. Last two weeks were a lot of fun. For the first time in ages I actually went with the flow and enjoyed the time with Little Boy at home. It was a lot easier than a few months ago – probably because  he’s starting to entertain himself more and more and he talks better every day, so he’s less frustrated. I like this early toddler stage.

3/365 - line-up

3/365 – line-up

I was full of plans to make a nice, fresh and organized start at school, but I can’t seem to get started. Procrastination is my middle name and this laptop screen is more often than not filled with anything but school work. This happens way too often, it’s a serious lack of discipline. So tonight I’m going to get myself together and start preparing French exercises and type some study materials. Off we go!

3/365 - myself today

3/365 – myself today

Some quiet time and some radio

There is something about the quiet in those very few days where ‘nothing has to’. No pressure, mainly. We could go out for some grocery shopping or we could decide not to (Little Boy and I went for the first option). I could do some school work or not (still not sure on that one). Taking a bath for as long as we like, having a slow breakfast, preparing lunch at the same time, no meat today.


project 2/365 – bath time in yellow

Big things are great to blog about but I often feel like I should make the little things pop more. There are more of them and mostly… they are as worth it. Now, for example. The sunshine is falling in, Little Boy is taking his nap and the radio is on. That last one hit me, it really did. It’s an old and simple cd-player, quite an ugly affair, that was bought to let my grandmother enjoy the audiobooks I downloaded for her. She passed away almost two years ago now, and I still miss her every. single. day. We took the radio with us because the little one likes songs, but then it just sat there on the little desk in the corner of the living room. Never used, unless for some occasional cd. Until it moved to the kitchen counter, taking up valuable space and being gloriously ugly, but … used! I put it on in the morning, and because everything is an open space here, we can hear it play from wherever we are in the room. And I love it. It’s exactly how I remember my Sundays at home as a kid. Peaceful. Being together doing or own things. As a family.

It’s in the little things, folks. Even if they’re big and ugly.

2015 morning walk and family philosophy – 1/365

The New Year has come with a bit of a head ache – auch! But the weather was so beautiful – freezing cold and sunny. I think that’s called crisp – and in my opinion it’s just the perfect word for it. Anyway, a morning walk as a family. Does not happen so often, so we all enjoyed it.

project 1/365 - frozen fields

project 1/365 – frozen fields

Going outside more often is one of my uncountable goals for the year to come and I start to think that’s on the list of my husband too. He has spent many days at home during the last two weeks and it felt good to be together, watch him play with his son, hearing the boy ask for his daddy. People around me are getting pregnant like mad and it’s not the first time we are asked if and when there will be a second child. I think it’s a stupid question, but I answer it all the time anyway. If there would be another child to welcome, certainly not now. We feel like we are just finding some rhythm as a family of three, I like how the bounding between all of us has finally set in and I prefer to enjoy that time a little longer before wrapping my mind around the seemingly inevitable question about possible siblings.

project 1/365 - frozen flower

project 1/365 – frozen flower

Winding down

I like those quiet days between Christmas and New Year. Little Boy is making me steak and coffee (pompons and little wooden blocks in his play kitchen) and I can do some reading. Yesterday we have played in the snow. He doesn’t seem to like it that much – his sandpit is frozen and he wants to play with his crayons but the wind is cold as ice and after a while his hands hurt. He was born when the whole country was completely covered in snow, but seems to be more of a summer boy.


Yesterday I went through a few maps of old lesson plans. I tossed most of them but rediscovered a few things I can use again this year. Lots of them were from my first years as a teacher and it’s actually nice to see how inspired I was. I do remember though that lots of the actual lessons didn’t go as well as I had imagined. How I wish I could redo some of them with the experience I have now! But it will be easier to turn it around and use the inspiration to spruce up the rest of the year.


2014 has brought me lots of good things. I grew into my role as a mother. For a moment I was tired of being a teacher but rediscovered my love of teaching along the way. It was a quiet year, filled with little moments of pleasure and peace. I hope 2015 to be as sweet.

Happy New Year to all of you…

He made me cry on Christmas Eve

While I adore the written word, my husband is not a big writer. The first little post-it note he ever wrote to me was to remind me of my appointment with the dentist. Very romantic indeed. The next one was a birthday card, almost seven months after. Let’s say we have very … different personalities.

Our wedding was honestly the most beautiful day in my life. I enjoyed every minute of it and I smiled all day. Which means I didn’t cry when he said his vows (that he had written himself and that reflected perfectly his style). I was touched, moved, impressed and I loved him with every inch of me. But I didn’t cry.

On Christmas Eve I had to turn my back to my in-laws when I read the little card he wrote me. As I already told you, I chose to subscribe for a year-long course that hopefully allows me the regroup, to set focus again. He had no clue what he was giving me, so he asked for the link, and wrote me a little card to hand me over as a present. It was unexpected. I had seen him write it a few hours before and I couldn’t have imagined the beautiful message of love and hope and passion and togetherness he was composing.

2015 will be a good year for us…


When was the last time you were really moved by something someone did for you?

Too many projects

Oh dear. The first of January is coming near and that, my friends, is an almost ridiculous trigger to think about new projects and behaviors and resolutions. Besides the project 365 I was talking about yesterday, I was also thinking (again) about making all those pictures actually tangible. Like an album. A good, old fashioned glued one with pics and comments and cutesy stuff. It’s not the first time I am looking into Project Life. I actually did two months in reverse in 2013 and started a new one in 2014 (of which I’ve only done two weeks LOL). But I still feel the need to do something with all those pictures sitting in my computer. So I happily start another one. And I might pick up on the older ones too. People love looking through those two finished months.


And if things weren’t ugly enough, my husband got me a subscription for this course. Because I begged for it. Because I absolutely want 2015 to be the year I get out of this messy mommy-only hood and get some grip. And inspiration. There. I said it. The last two years were a blast, but I have to confess I really focus on being a mommy and sleeping. I’m doing better lately at school and I feel more involved again with teaching and caring for my students, but everything else… it’s a shame, and my husband deserves better.

Gives me one more week to chase that nasty bugger-attack on my little one…

Project 365 – no kidding

Finally, the grading is over. I sometimes felt like it was never ever going to end. But then it did. And now I can surf the Internet without feeling guilty. Hurray!


I’ve been thinking about ways to pick up my camera more often in 2015. I realized that I had plenty of pictures from the first year Little Boy was born (and of course he’s in all of them – minus three or so) but 2014, the photographing was just less frequent. And in my opinion: less pictures I really liked. As a teacher I just know practice is the key, but taking (out) the big camera and playing around with it just doesn’t happen that often.

Which also means I have less pictures I can use for my blog. So there I was, surfing around, and Pinterest brought me a few interesting Project365 posts. I’ve always liked the idea. I probably started that kind of projects way too many times and never stuck with them. But as my goal is mainly to take more pictures of the everyday, each one is a step towards that goal. And If I manage to blog more often in the process, that would be great.

Anyone doing a project 365 or something similar in 2015?