:: One more week ::

One more week and we finally have the keys of our new home. And while that’s day is coming closer, nothing in our house would betray our upcoming move. Everything is as full and as chaotic as it always is. I think I packed my first official box yesterday. Kitchen stuff that is not often used and won’t be missed the next month.

Because, yes, moving will have to wait until the end of May. I decided to give in to my husband’s strong desire to remove that wall between kitchen and living room now, before we move. It makes sense of course, and if there is one thing that I don’t feel too happy about, it is that wall, but I was planning on moving in and living there and feel what we need. Alas, only one wall and with our buyer not putting pressure to get out, it’s the right time to do so.

pink blossom
It’s not all thorns and roses. Pink blossoms too!

The garden gate is open already. We’ll have to fix that lock later, but for now, I love how I already get to enjoy a walk around the pond and dreaming up the garden. The children already played hide and seek, it’s just the perfect place to do that. And there is that one huge coniferous tree (I have yet to figure out which one) with an equally huge cherry laurel bush underneath that forms just the perfect playspace. I can’t figure out if it has been lead to make an igloo but it did and it’s just perfect: next to the pond but the branches form a natural barrier, enough branches to climb up and a huge natural playhouse on the ground that has only one gate-like access. I hope to find some lighting to put in there (I was thinking solar powered but with al that shadow that might not be the best option). And the cherry laurel is blooming so there’s that lovely dense honey smell, heavy but not too heavy.

I also decided on the vegetable garden, in a corner, close but out of sight (I’m not the cleanest gardener ever. Let’s say my idea about gardening is: putting something in the earth and letting it do the job. But I have to be quick. My husband is on the ‘clean and neat’ team and he is pushing for a greenhouse. Nothing against a greenhouse, but if I’m not claiming the spot first, I have a feeling the greenhouse will be put just there and it will be way bigger than I can handle.

veg garden to come
Veg garden to come. With holly hedges, for now.

The previous owner (well, the almost-previous owner) is a great women with a very clear idea of what she likes and how it will work in her garden. Apparently she loves roses and holly. It does work well, but man, there is holly everywhere. Not the best bushes for children to play in. I’ll keep one or two for birds and christmas, but the first thing going out is those bushes, now that they are still small enough to handle.

canadian goose breeding
Breeding goose. Or is it a statue? She did not even blink!

And the geese… they are still there. Only two of them – the couple that’s breeding there every year. And yes, they are breeding again. And I have no clue what to do. Except for taking idyllic pictures, because well, they are kind of cute. And majestic. And up until now, not aggressive. I managed to reach the island and I was shaking eggs I saw laying around, wondering if that was how they breeded – scattering eggs everywhere, which seemed odd to me. And then I saw here, watching me, but frozen on her nest. I have nu clue on how many eggs she sits and I’m reluctant to chase her off the nest to check (especially since I knew the gent is around somewhere). We know some people who can shoot them, but that seems so harsh. We just want to prevent the eggs from coming out – it’s when they have geeslings (and lose their feathers so they can’t fly) they become aggressive and territorial. Right now, they don’t bother us. To be continued…

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

One thought on “:: One more week ::”

  1. Those eggs will surely make delicous omelettes 🙂 try that way, better than shooting at them. and then, if it doesn’t work, you can consider to turn on the oven to roast those beasts!
    We’re also boxing everything, moving by the end of the month, this is way too chaotic.

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