:: Pond-ering ::

blossom lake

It’s not ours yet, but walking around the pond and dreaming of what the best place for a small vegetable garden will be, makes me happy. So many possibilities. The owner planted a lot of holly, and while a few bushes are beautiful and nice for the birds, I will probably get rid of the most of them. I cannot wait to dive into the world of berries and maybe some fruit, and have the space to experiment.

pond trees Canadian geese

It’s so idyllic. There were two ducks, and six Canadian geese. They are beautiful, but there’s more to it. I know at least one couple of them tends to breed on the island in the pond (the little bridge is submerged in winter, so it’s not easily accessible at the moment) and I’m not sure yet how they wille behave when there are littles. They tend to be rather aggressive then. They’re an exotic species here in Belgium and invasive. We know they will not let the ducks make a nest, even if there’s enough space for the two to live together. And they poop. A lot. Over a pound per goose per day. If the six of them I saw today decide to stay, we’ll have to clean a lot. And it does not do any good to the soil (or the pond for that matter). So, we’ll see about them.

I’ve also been dreaming up the kids rooms. See what they need new and see what furniture they can take. I’m all for recycle and reuse, but their bedrooms have quite a different layout compared to what they have now, so we’ll have to buy some things new. They also had to negotiate who would take which room, as they’re not the same size. Their decision came as a surprise to me, but I’ll make it work for them, and I’m proud they figured it out. Today I ordered a new bed for our daughter. She doesn’t know it yet, but it’s a semi-high one, so there will be a lovely little nook to play and read in underneath. She’ll be so happy and most of all: it was one of the only beds I found that exactly fit the space I had in mind for it. And of course there will be pink walls. That was a promise that stood already long before the decision to move. I cannot wait to put her room together when we have the keys.

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

One thought on “:: Pond-ering ::”

  1. don’t forget they may taste your vegetables, too! but if they stay and bother you, you can make a duck bbq!!! i know, too cruel.

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