:: lately, I’ve been mostly ::

  • nursing my newborn. It took me some time to get the hang of it again, and she is a little lazy princess, which means my nipples are feeling raw (because I have to convince her each and every time to open her mouth wide enough). On the other hand: she is doing so well, growing and getting bigger in a whim, and nursing time means story time for her brother. So we all quite enjoy the whole thing.



  • cooking with subscription boxes again. (we are trying Marley Spoon this time, but later we might giving Smartmat a go again, as they finally decided to offer 3-person-boxes; and I want to try Foodbag too, and mainly switch between all of those. But that will ask for some serious planning lol). I just had it with the eternal question of “what will it be for dinner tonight”. Ingredients and recipes for four meals are delivered at our doorstep. With the leftovers and the bits and pieces I have laying around, I can cover almost the whole week. So only once a week shopping, for one or two meals and lunch/breakfast/snack stuff. It’s worth it for me!


  • still wondering about blogging in English. Two blogs would be way too much, I like this place a lot, but I would love to connect with bloggers that post in my own language, and I’ve been thinking me blogging in English might turn them off. I was hoping to find a way to split this site up and do it just all at the same time, sometimes in Dutch, sometimes in English, but there is no way to keep those two streams ‘apart’… especially not for free.


  • not taking enough pictures. Why oh why don’t I pick up my camera more often? I also would LOVE to have the new iPhone, but that price tag is putting me off. Like REALLY putting me off. My old one is now officially a dinosaur though. No way to install anything on it lately, it can’t upgrade anymore. So now I use it as a phone (you know, like what it was initially designed for 🙂 ). And as a quick camera solution, but disappointed about the selfie-quality.

And what have you all been up to?

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

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