Reflections on Sunday

  • I schedule most posts ahead, but today I had to anyway. Because at the moment this post goes online, I’m counting. Yes, counting. Counting votes, to be exact. There are elections, and I was elected (gnagna) to count votes in the afternoon. People have warned me that I would be in for a very long afternoon. The kind that lasts til midnight. *Sigh*


  • Last weekend I had lost my voice for some reason and I’m still feeling that it isn’t the same. It doesn’t hurt though, it just gives me a sexy, low voice. And some extra attention from my students. Which is nice. I should do this more often.


  • In a few groups I have given the last class of this year. Somehow that’s quite a special feeling, especially if it are senior students. I’m going to miss them and without a doubt, remember them. They were good students, smart and eager to learn. Open-minded, polite and kind. They asked me for a little speech and I told them that often teachers learn more from their students than the other way round. And they were one of those groups that made me realize every day how I love this job…


  • Little Boy is starting to talk. The one word he keeps repeating is our word for ‘car’. So sweet, as there are cars everywhere!


  • On my quest to be a better blogger, I stumbled upon these 25 quick WordPress Tips for beginners. I really loved this post and I immediately implemented the first tip (about linking to your own blog).


  • I decided to try a few link parties and I’m thinking about creating a link party page to my blog, as a reference to myself and maybe you are also interested.


  • It was in one of those parties that I found this heartfelt post on PND. I’ve been blessed not having to go through this, I can only imagine the pain, the guilt and the despair. It’s a post really worth to share, in my opinion.




Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

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