The simplicity of joy

Since the week off it had been quieter on the simple living side. Nothing fancy or wild, and she knew it would be okay with the budget in mind, but still.  She often had taken the easy option, it was her vacation after all. And the first week after didn’t leave her much room for really diving into the simple living plans she had set up.


But the weather was finally changing and that made a lot of difference. Life just seems easier when the sun is out. Motivation kicks in, energy comes back. And she realized that simple living was also about spending time outside, enjoying the ride, taking time off from the screen, showing her son the world in all its beauty. That’s what she really wanted. That her boy knew the whispering of the wind in the trees, the songs of the birds, the joy of grass under his bare feet. Last week he had started walking and now it was as if he never had done any other way. She loved it.


She took her son to the library to pick three books to read after his last bottle. Of course he did not pick them personally, is he was too busy being all over the place and taking out all those hundreds of books. The women at the check-out were telling her he has a face to put in a magazine and as if he knew, he gave them his brightest smile. Her proudness had been beyond compare. And while she chose two lasagnas at the supermarket she told herself that maybe this would not be the week of simplicity, but it would be a week packed with joy.

And that was a good thing anyway.

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

One thought on “The simplicity of joy”

  1. Hi Elvira, I was reading the forum on the DTE blog about blogging, and I decided to investigate all the members who have blogs, so here I am on yours! It is different to most others that I’ve read – very interesting! and lovely photos. I’d love you to visit my blog if you have the time. In case you are wondering who the heck I am, it is Georgie Girl from Down to Earth!

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