Behind the scenes: first teacher meeting of the year

  • There’s a ridiculous amount of kisses, most of which I manage to escape.


  • Coffee! I never drink coffee at home, but entering the school building calls for coffee. Endless liters of the brown stuff are consumed here on a daily basis. If you’re not a huge coffee fan, you’ll become it once you’re a teacher. Many of my colleagues learned to drink coffee in the teachers’ room and I joined their ranks.


  • The meeting starts at 9am. Five minutes before everybody starts to climb the stairs and the chairs are filled with teachers, starting with the last row. We’re not that different from our students for that matter.


  • The first ten minutes, everybody listens carefully. More or less. The next three hours, not really. There’s a lot of whispering, texting, writing grocery lists. I confess guilty for that last one.


  • When the end is near (finally), there’s a lot of moving, peeking at each other. Now will finally come what we are waiting for. The meeting is over and with danger to our lives, we try to suffocate the guy that holds the schedules to get hold on ours.


  • Once we managed to grab it, we run downstairs. And I mean run. Apparently the birthday people of August brought cakes. Like a hoard of hyenas we devour them, almost no chewing involved. We make a big mess of the recently cleaned teachers’ room.


When I arrived home, there was already a different schedule in my mailbox.

Yes, we’re officially ready for September 1st.