Super Powers

Thinking about superheroes, there’s always an image in my head of my younger brother studying for his exams. He put a boxer over his pants and wore a bathrobe over his clothes, the belt wrapped around his head, rambo-style. He got inspired by Quailman and he cracked us up every time.


Superheroes come with superpowers and if I could choose mine for the summer, it would be the ability to look at a pile of stuff (paperwork, magazines, toys, dog haired blankets…) to make it disappear. Well, it would be nice if it didn’t just disappear, but dragged itself to the right place or the bin.


And while I’m at it, it would be completely awesome if I could duplicate myself in case of emergency. Or semi-emergency. Or just in any case. Like when I’m trying to make soup while my toddler is clearly stating that he’s ready to eat now (that happens every hour, I have a very food-minded Little Boy). Or when I’m trying to comb my hair (oh I hate that job) while that same Little Boy is trashing his father’s bike or bathing in the dog’s water.




But without a doubt, I’ll live through my summer anyway, only slightly missing those super powers, too busy taking in the moment, enjoying the days and closing my eyes here and there to catch up on some sleep while Little Boy takes a nap. My parents visited today and brought my grandmother along and it was great to see how they all connected with our son, knowing he’s loved to pieces.


And that (beware: cheesy line) is be the only super power we’ll ever need.