How to grade exams in 6 easy steps

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. But I have a plan of attack. Don’t I always.



  • Step one: empty your desk. You’ll need a place to put your pens and paper. Decide to clean it. Heck, you can as well clean the house while you’re at it. It’s hard not to deliver messy work in a messy house.


  • Step two: check your email. Somebody might have decided to cancel your subject. It would be a pity to put all that effort in grading exams if they’re not gonna count. Ignore the fact that there’s zero minus one chance that’s ever going to happen. You can’t be sure enough on that matter.


  • Step three: now you’re online, check Pinterest. Look for tidied desks and organized paperwork. Create a board with al the things you’re going to implement next year to be super efficient.


  • Step four: find an interesting quote about how hard it is to be a teacher. Post it on Facebook, wait for the sympathy and the likes of your colleagues and the cynical reactions of those who only see the summer holiday spreading out in front of you. Watch how the fight develops. Ponder how cliche this all is.


  • Step five: start your grading work. Notice you’re in desperate need for a snack. Run downstairs, discover you ate your last bag of crisps yesterday, open the fridge, find nothing. Settle for a handful of nuts you don’t like but be proud of yourself to have chosen a healthy snack. Make a grocery list. Put three bags of crisps on it.


  • Step six: repeat from step two.



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