Project 365 – no kidding

Finally, the grading is over. I sometimes felt like it was never ever going to end. But then it did. And now I can surf the Internet without feeling guilty. Hurray!


I’ve been thinking about ways to pick up my camera more often in 2015. I realized that I had plenty of pictures from the first year Little Boy was born (and of course he’s in all of them – minus three or so) but 2014, the photographing was just less frequent. And in my opinion: less pictures I really liked. As a teacher I just know practice is the key, but taking (out) the big camera and playing around with it just doesn’t happen that often.

Which also means I have less pictures I can use for my blog. So there I was, surfing around, and Pinterest brought me a few interesting Project365 posts. I’ve always liked the idea. I probably started that kind of projects way too many times and never stuck with them. But as my goal is mainly to take more pictures of the everyday, each one is a step towards that goal. And If I manage to blog more often in the process, that would be great.

Anyone doing a project 365 or something similar in 2015?

I will follow you

Disclaimer: the author of this post cannot be held responsible for making you hum this song for the next few months.

I’m spending a lot of time reading about blogging lately. Tips and tricks, social media, planning… I’m eager to discover it all. And I’m an avid reader of interesting blog posts. A blog that has a few of them on it, can count on my more or less eternal love. I love commenting on them. I love interaction, especially with great authors that I look up to. And asking myself the question how I can I make my blog visit-worthy, I thought I might start with my own experience as a blog reader. What attracts me in other blogs? When I read a post, what makes me want to discover the whole blog?



1. My instinct is to stay longer on blogs that have a certain lay-out. I like a lot of white space, clean and simple lines and big pictures. I love simple headers and a sidebar that’s not completely stuffed with badges of link-parties. Certain fonts have a very specific effect on me and make me want to stay longer.


2014-05-16 09.09.26 pm
I like this one: clean, simple, white, yet warm and authentic and with beautiful slightly softened pictures
2014-05-16 10.04.55 pm
I like this one too: calm colors, clear lay-out and lovely, bright pictures



2. I love when a blogger mentions other blogs in his/her posts, and adds links. If I like certain blogs, chances are huge that I’m going to check out the blogs they mention. But I appreciate it a lot if those links open in a new tab, so I can have a look at them after I’m finished reading the post.


3. I love writers who master the art of humor. If your style is slightly ironic and if you have some sense of self-depreciation, you’ve probably had me at hello. I will be at your feet forever ’cause you make my day and I want you in my mailbox. Ha!


4. I always try to give meaningful comments on blog posts that spoke to me in some way. Sometimes it is impossible to comment though, because you have to sign up to a certain system (like Disqus, which I for very unspecific reasons don’t like), or have to be member of a certain blogging platform (on some blogs you can’t comment without a google-account. While I have one, it’s not link to my blog account anymore, for very specific reasons this time). I think it’s very nice of you to reply on a comment, but I’ll love you even more if you check my blog and write a comment on a blog post that you like. It doesn’t even have to be the most recent one, just one you like. Oh and I completely understand the anti-spam procedure, but lately those encoded letter thingies are totally going crazy. Unless it’s numbers, I can’t read them. And I’m no robot. By the way: I prefer you to moderate comments before publishing them rather than having to go through word verification.


5. I love good writing. And while I make a lot of them myself, as English is not my mother tongue at all, I hate spelling mistakes. I’m very sensitive to them in my own language, but even in English they can grab my attention right away, and not in a good way. Guess it’s my dark and secret grammar-nazi side. Beautifully written and well composed sentences make me smile. If you have lots and lots of them on your blog, you’ll be my friend. And I will follow you.



(you didn’t actually think I would let you get that song out of your head, did you?)