How it began…

Christina B from the lovely blog Searching for Ironman nominated me for a Liebster Award (damn you “lobster “autocorrect!). When I discovered the questions, I had so many ideas that I decided to turn them into separate posts instead.

  • How did you get into blogging or photography?
  • Where would you most like to travel to and why?
  • What is your favorite book?
  • When you travel to a place you have never been before, what is the first thing you like to do?
  • How do you get ideas for your blogs or photo shoots?
  • How many countries have you been to?
  • What aspect of blogging do you love the most?
  • Where is you next travel destination to?
  • What is your favorite downtime activity?
  • What is/are your goal(s) in life?


begin blogging


I’ve always felt a writer, but very soon I realized fiction was not my thing. Reflections, journaling and memories… that’s where my heart lies. I filled diary upon diary (correction: I always filled the first few pages and then fell for yet another beautiful notebook). When I finally had my own computer with permanent internet access, I set my first steps in this blogging world. On LiveJournal first, later on Blogger. I often switched between blogging in my mother tongue and blogging in English. Obviously the English has stuck – mostly because I like the wide range of people who might stumble upon what I write. It’s the language I used from the start here on WordPress.


Photography is a whole other thing. When my husband and I went on our first big trip, I only had a simple compact camera. As we were in the middle of National Geographic-like scenes, I was very disappointed that I could not take photographs that were as stunning as the surroundings. I blamed it on the camera, which, of course, is only partially correct. For our honeymoon, I did buy a decent DSLR – and still the photos weren’t very impressive (some were, luckily). I loved the camera though, and when my son was born, there was my reason to practice! I think 2013 is the year in which all the photos I took have my boy for subject…


I’m still learning. To blog. To feel my camera. I have no professional ambitions with this, but I like to be good at something. I would want to be good at this. This is my playground. And that’s the reason I blog anonymously. Because I want to keep it that way.



I will follow you

Disclaimer: the author of this post cannot be held responsible for making you hum this song for the next few months.

I’m spending a lot of time reading about blogging lately. Tips and tricks, social media, planning… I’m eager to discover it all. And I’m an avid reader of interesting blog posts. A blog that has a few of them on it, can count on my more or less eternal love. I love commenting on them. I love interaction, especially with great authors that I look up to. And asking myself the question how I can I make my blog visit-worthy, I thought I might start with my own experience as a blog reader. What attracts me in other blogs? When I read a post, what makes me want to discover the whole blog?



1. My instinct is to stay longer on blogs that have a certain lay-out. I like a lot of white space, clean and simple lines and big pictures. I love simple headers and a sidebar that’s not completely stuffed with badges of link-parties. Certain fonts have a very specific effect on me and make me want to stay longer.


2014-05-16 09.09.26 pm
I like this one: clean, simple, white, yet warm and authentic and with beautiful slightly softened pictures
2014-05-16 10.04.55 pm
I like this one too: calm colors, clear lay-out and lovely, bright pictures



2. I love when a blogger mentions other blogs in his/her posts, and adds links. If I like certain blogs, chances are huge that I’m going to check out the blogs they mention. But I appreciate it a lot if those links open in a new tab, so I can have a look at them after I’m finished reading the post.


3. I love writers who master the art of humor. If your style is slightly ironic and if you have some sense of self-depreciation, you’ve probably had me at hello. I will be at your feet forever ’cause you make my day and I want you in my mailbox. Ha!


4. I always try to give meaningful comments on blog posts that spoke to me in some way. Sometimes it is impossible to comment though, because you have to sign up to a certain system (like Disqus, which I for very unspecific reasons don’t like), or have to be member of a certain blogging platform (on some blogs you can’t comment without a google-account. While I have one, it’s not link to my blog account anymore, for very specific reasons this time). I think it’s very nice of you to reply on a comment, but I’ll love you even more if you check my blog and write a comment on a blog post that you like. It doesn’t even have to be the most recent one, just one you like. Oh and I completely understand the anti-spam procedure, but lately those encoded letter thingies are totally going crazy. Unless it’s numbers, I can’t read them. And I’m no robot. By the way: I prefer you to moderate comments before publishing them rather than having to go through word verification.


5. I love good writing. And while I make a lot of them myself, as English is not my mother tongue at all, I hate spelling mistakes. I’m very sensitive to them in my own language, but even in English they can grab my attention right away, and not in a good way. Guess it’s my dark and secret grammar-nazi side. Beautifully written and well composed sentences make me smile. If you have lots and lots of them on your blog, you’ll be my friend. And I will follow you.



(you didn’t actually think I would let you get that song out of your head, did you?)