:: Reflections on Sunday ::

apple blossoms in white and green

The first week of the Easter holiday has flown by, as usual. Little girl went to daycare every day (and rocking the whole potty training over there), and Big boy had a jungle week with a class mate, organized by the local youth sports council. He has done similar weeks before and always was quite enthusiastic.

Kidsfree, but busy week for me though: our car didn’t pass the yearly check-up and I had to replace the two front tires. Costly, but not as costly as redoing the complete bottom as I anticipated (18 months ago, I got stuck on a little brick wall someone destroyed and that I hadn’t seen because of the bushes hanging over, not my best driving skills, I admit. Funny part: I was saved by seven Polish workers passing by that just lifted my car on the road again. I kissed them all!). No comments on the bottom part, so glad I did not have that repaired before going to the check-up. Of course, I first checked with maintenance to assure there was no danger in driving around with the scratches for another year or so. Because there was other work to do on the car, I had a replacement car for two days and fell in love with it. Not to mention the kids as it was brightly colored in white and red (okay, okay, and maybe also because it was clean and shiny). We were on the verge of crying when we had to give it back lol.

Citroën C3 white red
  • I’ve been reading around quite a lot in the internet lately, with Instagram as a favorite starting place. Especially since low-waste caught my attention (feeling ashamed of the tons of trash and wasted food and plastics present in our household), I’m feeling very inspired. For me, food is a great and favorite way to ease into anything, and The Zero-Waste Chef keeps inspiring me with every instagram post. I think her post about reducing food waste is a great place to start.
  • Another instagram account that is one of my favorites, is the one of Noémi. When I saw her post about a monthly craft box, I was intrigued. We had something alike for a while, but it was a little overwhelming, and I wasn’t so fond of the instructions or the materials. They outgrew themselves anyway, so that subscription was automatically cancelled when they stopped. But I kept my eyes open for something similar (but smaller and cheaper), so when she posted about Pandacraft, I didn’t hesitate for long. Our first box is on the way, we can’t wait! (And I’m secretly hoping, my boy casually picks up my love for the French language )
  • Slow life and homesteading keep pulling me. I don’t plan to move anytimes soon and my veg garden is as neglected as always, but this time I won’t let myself get overwhelmed. For me this post was en eye-opener, because it mentions a lot of steps and skills I want to look further into.
  • And while I’m still not over bottled water, I switched to glass bottles and I’ve started infusing again. As I had to very ripe mangos laying around and a whole bunch of mint, I made mango chutney (recipe to follow) and I used the pits and the mint to infuse my tap water. I actually really liked that one!
infused water with mint and mango

And you? How was your week?

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

2 thoughts on “:: Reflections on Sunday ::”

  1. I can’t believe it’s mid April already. This year feels like it’s flying by so quickly. I had a very productive week in terms of both work and home projects and it’s so satisfying just to be able to get things done. Thanks for the heads up about the Zero-Waste Chef. I’ve been making an effort to reduce waste in my house and any tips are always appreciated.

  2. we buy a glass bottle of spa water from time to time, then replenish with tap water and keep it for a couple of hours of so, then put it into the brita. crazy system, but even if here water’s more than ok (even good) i prefer the taste of “pure” water that comes from the brita.
    you shoud seriously check the simplicious flow book, there’s the recipe for the apple vinegar + everything zero waste. for the rest, i find it hard to follow, even if i try it, cause let’s be honest, it’s more expensive than packed stuff except for counted things like sunflower seeds 🙂 a few days ago i read about toilet paper and it’s scandalous, about 70000 trees are cut everyday just for toilet paper!!! i always buy eco-so recycled paper, but that’s another point to start with.
    oh, also, did you watch one planet? i started it but just watched 2 parts, reasons to feel soooo guilty.
    keep on with the garden, seriously, there are so many things that don’t need much work… if you don’t feel confident with seeds, then go to the pepinière and buy plants to plant. yesterday i was talking to my man about the plentiness of vegetables still available at the garden, this year i really did it well, like big broccolis, and kale all year long -brassicas in general are my favourites-. tomatoes and courgettes are more complicated to plant, specially if the weather’s bad, or because of limaces etc, but rocket, watercress, everything like spring onions-onions-garlic(even if it’s late for garlics)-leeks, you won’t fail them! and don’t forget the aromatics, sage is perfect for smoothies, marjoram for omelettes and mint for… everything from salads to dessert!

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