:: On being handsfree, neglecting attics and beach holiday stress ::

Thursday morning. Early. Not that early, because everybody is already out of the house, but early enough for fresh morning air breezing through the quiet rooms. It’s my hands-free week, youngest at daycare, oldest on a summer camp. In the late afternoon, I pick up two slightly whiny, because overly tired, kids, try to feed them something healthy and stop them from biting each others head off. And I laugh a lot, because, well, they can be funny too.
I had a lot of plans for this week, but on Tuesday decided that I was absolutely not enjoying it – feeling stressed by the to do list, realising that I wouldn’t finish it and get to read and relax all at once. I chose the latter – keeping up with laundry and groceries and that’s about it. Still feeling a bit stressed though – mostly out of guilt. I have to firmly tell myself that I can take this time. Nobody will die if the table in the master bedroom is still full of a gazillion little things to find a place for. And the attic has been a mess for two years, this summer ain’t any different – but it will have to wait. Saving my sanity first.


I did make up a budget though. And, for the first time in ages: explicitly informed my husband about it. Asked him what larger expenses he thought were coming up this month. He asked me to budget a dinner at a nice restaurant. He forgot his card in the ATM – so is without it for the days (knowing him: weeks) to come and actually, that’s a good thing. I gave him some pocket money on his other account and he will have to be happy with that (I’ve been quite generous, in my opinion). To be honest: he is not the big spender, I think I qualify more, but if you add up all those lunches with colleagues, and after work drinks…  Anyhow: he’s informed and that feels good, because he acts on it.


He’s counting the days to our yearly beach holiday. He has done it since childhood and it hasn’t even changed a lot. I’m less convinced, but the children adore it, so I’ll go with the flow. Once they are a bit older, I might get to enjoy it for myself too, now I’m too busy nervously preventing them from drowning or getting lost. I think that last category especially will be a thingy this year, with our youngest. She does as she pleases, so I’ll work on my general fitness I guess, running after her. She isn’t too fond of sand under her feet too, which might be a problem at the beach lol.


So this is where I am at right now. I’l have to leave the house though – buying sunscreen, groceries and to the post office to send back clothing that didn’t fit (booh!). And chain locks for the little gates of our beach house, giving the fact that Girl will be able to open them this year.


And you? What’s up in your neck of the woods lately?

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

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