Reflections on Sunday #13

  • Easter holiday! Weather was not bright, so a lot of playing inside. But with a little creativity and a few cardboard boxes – we built a structure that still provides a lot of fun! Add to this a new set of stamps and some play doh and we’re good.


  • We did venture outside too. A surprise visit of a pheasant in the garden made our day and I’m asked all the time to show some more pictures of it. On our stroll through the nearby natural park, we saw a whole lot of miner bees crawling out and making nests. Little Boy was very brave, once I showed him how they work and what they did. He doesn’t like flying insects.


  • In the kitchen I experimented with nettles and made a delicious red lentil dahl. I also made some lovely meatballs that were the absolute favorite of my husband. It’s a recipe I found in Balls ‘n Glory cookbook, and I tweaked a little to make it more moist and filling. The recipe just called for mince and apple, and then crumbs to surround it. I added an egg and crumbs to the meat too and served it with buttered apples and puree. Success!


  • Easter holiday means a lot of reading around, mostly online. One of the topics that had my interests, is homesteading. While our garden is little and mostly a playground for Little Boy and husband, I have put some seeds in the ground, but I loved reading about other aspects of homesteading too.
    This post was a great starting point. Her blog is absolutely worth checking out too  by the way.


  • And I decided to register for an online course about whole foods. I really love Heather’s blog and there are a few things I hope to learn along the way. Properly working with dried beans for example. And using everything until the last scrap. But mostly, I’m sure to enjoy her writing, her knowledge, her authenticity. She has a way of letting someone feel at home.


How was your week?

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

One thought on “Reflections on Sunday #13”

  1. I’ve not had much luck with nettle recipes so far. I made a nettle quiche from a recipe once, and it was quite vile. It kind of put me off, but the cream cheese idea sounds quite tasty. I’m determined to find some way of eating such a healthy and easily available foodstuff.

    I found your blog, by clicking on your name on Heather’s blog as I am also signed up for her whole foods kitchen course. I am off now to read some more of your posts 🙂

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