Meet the queen of procrastination

Maybe I can just stop here. I mean, the fact that, way too late at night, I’m stil whipping up a blog post for tomorrow morning about a topic that I know all too well, just says it all. Why now? I had already decided more than a week ago to write about this. I even had plenty of time to do so. I mean, I have been online so many hours, procrastinating on other things, that it makes completely no sense not to at least have typed a post.

procrastination lists


Tomorrow I have a task on hand that I could have done two months ago. Maybe I even should have done it then. My paternal leave is going to end in two weeks, from January on I’ll be fulltime in front of the class again. I have had four months to slowly prepare classes, take a head start, all while having enough time to do all the other things I absolutely love and are more self or family centered.


I do know how I can counter that hopeless tendency to postpone everything until the very last minute. Lists. Beautiful, checkable lists.

The perfect list is actually a collection of lists. A collection of handwritten lists, to be precise. Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than the same handwriting, regular enough to be coherent, but playful through the white spaces lists entice.

It’s also not too long and consists of specific tasks, all doable. You have to be able to cross them off. You even have to be able to start on the tasks you planned for the next day, even just because of the killer mood it gives you.

So if you excuse me now, I am going to make a list. I have four months to catch up in 3 hours tomorrow… 🙂

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

2 thoughts on “Meet the queen of procrastination”

  1. Oh wow! We all put things off, don’t we? Like my blog for instance … I ought to have started it years ago. I spent all these years thinking I will do it “when I get the time.” 🙂

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