Reflections on Sunday #12

  • Last week was full of new things to learn and new blogs to discover. Taking part in the Blogging 201 course already has brought me a lot. Mostly a list of thing I want to experiment with when I have a few hours to spend. Until now I just tweaked a little here and there and jumped on the occasion to read around and try to make new connections. I have changed a lot though since my first day. I know very well what I like to read and I do not comment anymore on pieces I feel have nothing to say about. That way it takes longer for me to grow an audience, but in the long run, it better fits my personal blogging goals.


autumn flower white


  • There was a lovely read about how a mental image of a place does not always coincides with the reality. It made me think about how true that actually is. Reality is often very surprising, in many, many ways… This quote stood out in particular:

And so it is with us. We are Don Quixotes in our own right, clinging to childhood fairytales and bookish ideals; watching the movie of life through someone else’s lenses, on a projector.

Bron: Vienna at a glance


  • Speaking of mental images. Setting up the Christmas tree was not completely how I had imagined. There are are so many things, especially since I’m a parent, that not happen as I had in mind (I wrote about that here). So this series of cartoons made me chuckle.


  • On the other hand, it strikes me all the time when bedtime for kids is associated with alcohol-time for parents. I never drink alcohol. Mostly because I don’t like it (and I really don’t see why on earth I should ‘learn’ to like it – it’s an acquired taste I don’t miss in my life). But it gives me the creeps how alcohol is an accepted part of anything social. If you refuse to drink alcohol, everybody asks you whether you’re pregnant. I mean, come on. While not for the same reasons, I think the author of this article is absolutely right to question that omnipresence of alcohol. So I apologize, because wine clearly a big part in the cartoon I mentioned above.


What caught your attention this week?

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

3 thoughts on “Reflections on Sunday #12”

  1. I love that photo. Isn’t it amazing how pictures always bring words to life?

  2. My mother has a similar situation. She never drinks alcohol and people often ask comment on it. (She 76 now, so she’s seldom asked about being pregnant, of course.) 🙂

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