Reflections on Sunday #10

Belgian coast
Necesito del mar porque me enseña… – Pablo Neruda

This week I have no interesting reads for you, not even a collection of pictures. We were on holiday and we enjoyed every minute of it. Most of the pictures I took show my family and for that reason won’t be shown here.

But I can tell you: it was a gorgeous week. The start was a little rough – this week at the Belgian coast is not my family tradition, it’s my husband’s and it’s one of the parts I find difficult to connect with. Not because I don’t like the sea, but because my husband always relives his childhood and wishes that everything is exactly the same. We argued often about that, but those memories are so dear to him, I can see why he will get here every year, no matter the cost.

There were some changes though. This was the first year his family wasn’t around on a daily basis. And to me, all the difference was there. They came visit us for two days and it was fun, but for the first time ever it was a week of our own, especially in the end. I’m finally starting to believe it can become a cherished family tradition of our own.

Next week I’ll buckle up and prepare that giant step my beloved Little Boy will make September 1st. My baby boy is going to school.  And while I’m looking forward to it and I’m absolutely convinced he will love school, he’s totally ready for it, I’m not sure I am…

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

3 thoughts on “Reflections on Sunday #10”

  1. it sounds like my holidays too… my husband loves to go to de panne because of his childhood, i prefer de haan but we always end in the first one!

  2. My grandparents lived in De Haan, my mother was born and raised there. I have so many beautiful memories there… I think it’s a lovely beach too, but I’ve learned to appreciate the place we now go to also, on the complete other side of the coast, next to De Panne (when my grandfather died a few years ago, we were at the beach, and I often went visiting my grandmother by tram – 1,5 hours! – that’s the time we need to get from our home to our holiday destination…). Maybe we could meet one day, when we’re there at the same time 🙂

  3. it would be nice 🙂
    belgium’s a small country, everything’s very close but, at the same time, far. once we drove de panne-knokke by car and it took us more than an hour…
    such a luck to have family in de haan 🙂 happy weekend!

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