2015 morning walk and family philosophy – 1/365

The New Year has come with a bit of a head ache – auch! But the weather was so beautiful – freezing cold and sunny. I think that’s called crisp – and in my opinion it’s just the perfect word for it. Anyway, a morning walk as a family. Does not happen so often, so we all enjoyed it.

project 1/365 - frozen fields
project 1/365 – frozen fields

Going outside more often is one of my uncountable goals for the year to come and I start to think that’s on the list of my husband too. He has spent many days at home during the last two weeks and it felt good to be together, watch him play with his son, hearing the boy ask for his daddy. People around me are getting pregnant like mad and it’s not the first time we are asked if and when there will be a second child. I think it’s a stupid question, but I answer it all the time anyway. If there would be another child to welcome, certainly not now. We feel like we are just finding some rhythm as a family of three, I like how the bounding between all of us has finally set in and I prefer to enjoy that time a little longer before wrapping my mind around the seemingly inevitable question about possible siblings.

project 1/365 - frozen flower
project 1/365 – frozen flower

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

6 thoughts on “2015 morning walk and family philosophy – 1/365”

  1. You know just looking at your photos, I swear I could almost smell the crisp cold air with you too. I also get loads of questions asking when I will get a second one. People who really know you will not be asking silly questions like that, it’s people who have nothing else to contribute to the conversation that will ask these type of questions. Drive me nuts sometime. Totally with you on spending these precious time watching our little love grow up and they grow so fast too. Here is to a Happy New Year in 2015. All the best

  2. Your photos are beautiful, I want you to know that. Your frozen flower, in particular, is absolutely gorgeous. It’s amazing what people will ask, but the answer is almost always the same. “When it’s time.”
    Anyway, Happy New Year! I hope everything goes absolutely wonderful for you and your family. I’m so glad that your family has been enjoying time together. That’s priceless, it really is.

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