Winding down

I like those quiet days between Christmas and New Year. Little Boy is making me steak and coffee (pompons and little wooden blocks in his play kitchen) and I can do some reading. Yesterday we have played in the snow. He doesn’t seem to like it that much – his sandpit is frozen and he wants to play with his crayons but the wind is cold as ice and after a while his hands hurt. He was born when the whole country was completely covered in snow, but seems to be more of a summer boy.


Yesterday I went through a few maps of old lesson plans. I tossed most of them but rediscovered a few things I can use again this year. Lots of them were from my first years as a teacher and it’s actually nice to see how inspired I was. I do remember though that lots of the actual lessons didn’t go as well as I had imagined. How I wish I could redo some of them with the experience I have now! But it will be easier to turn it around and use the inspiration to spruce up the rest of the year.


2014 has brought me lots of good things. I grew into my role as a mother. For a moment I was tired of being a teacher but rediscovered my love of teaching along the way. It was a quiet year, filled with little moments of pleasure and peace. I hope 2015 to be as sweet.

Happy New Year to all of you…

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

3 thoughts on “Winding down”

  1. I really like the first photo where the white snow brings out the pink flower in contrast. Alas there is no snowing where I live just really hot humid weather and cold miserable rain. The macro shot of the toy was a good idea. Already I am out of ideas to photograph as I do not want to keep photographing my beloved son. And I haven’t even start the damn project yet. Hehe.

  2. Hi Sandi, thanks! As I am blogging anonymously, I decided not to put online any recognizable pictures of myself/family. There are plenty of prompts you could follow. Fat Mum Slim has good ones, and you could find some on my Pinterest board. Good luck and all the best for 2015! (Do you have a blog? – the url goes to your personal FB page)

  3. That snow looks so beautiful and I would give anything to experience just one Christmas in such a setting!
    Have a wonderful 2015 and thanks so much for linking up at my end of year link up on Six Little Hearts. Happy New Year!

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