Too many projects

Oh dear. The first of January is coming near and that, my friends, is an almost ridiculous trigger to think about new projects and behaviors and resolutions. Besides the project 365 I was talking about yesterday, I was also thinking (again) about making all those pictures actually tangible. Like an album. A good, old fashioned glued one with pics and comments and cutesy stuff. It’s not the first time I am looking into Project Life. I actually did two months in reverse in 2013 and started a new one in 2014 (of which I’ve only done two weeks LOL). But I still feel the need to do something with all those pictures sitting in my computer. So I happily start another one. And I might pick up on the older ones too. People love looking through those two finished months.


And if things weren’t ugly enough, my husband got me a subscription for this course. Because I begged for it. Because I absolutely want 2015 to be the year I get out of this messy mommy-only hood and get some grip. And inspiration. There. I said it. The last two years were a blast, but I have to confess I really focus on being a mommy and sleeping. I’m doing better lately at school and I feel more involved again with teaching and caring for my students, but everything else… it’s a shame, and my husband deserves better.

Gives me one more week to chase that nasty bugger-attack on my little one…

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

4 thoughts on “Too many projects”

  1. Good luck! The new year can give us a reset button, can’t it? We just have to remember that if we need it, we can hit that reset button Jan. 6, May 12 or even Dec. 27 if we need it!

  2. Thanks! You’re so right about the other dates too, but there is a weird kind of magic in the 1st of January 🙂 (but I surely will need all the other dates available!)

  3. What a great idea for an online course (from a blogger’s perspective) and a great idea for getting focused on living your core values (from a emotionally-and-goal-scattered human’s perspective). Good luck. And keep us updated on your progress through the course 😀

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