Reflections on Sunday

  • First week of school and boy, it’s over already. Time flies! I have lovely groups this year and I feel like this is going to be a very good year. I feel motivated and enthusiastic, both things you really need as a teacher. I know most of my senior students from two years ago and honestly, I’m glad to have them back to write this last chapter before they go to uni.


  • My husband encouraged me to choose a me-time-activity for this year and I have been looking for yoga classes. I did that one year and I enjoyed them thoroughly, although I dropped out after a few months. This time I went for something less cheap to make it a real treat for me in a nice accommodation. It’s a very different kind of yoga. I’m used to hatha yoga, more focused on static poses. This is a Vinyasa yoga class though and boy, I can assure you I feel every muscle in my body.


  • It was my dad’s birthday today and as he asked me to cut. Time for my pasta machine to get used for the first time! I made ravioli with a great butter-walnut-sage sauce and invented a spicy pumpkin-chicken meatloaf to go with it. I think I still need some practice making my own pasta, but I was rather proud with how it turned out.




  • One of my intentions for this year is to finally get the whole breakfast muffin thing – and actually bake decent muffins. I’m proud to tell you I managed to nail this lovely blueberry muffin recipe. There are six of them waiting in the freezer for next time. Next on my list would be a banana muffin, I think I’m going to go with the same base and just add bananas instead of blueberries.


How was your week?

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

2 thoughts on “Reflections on Sunday”

  1. The muffins look lovely! I wish I could manage to bake but sadly baking and me aren’t meant to be :p

  2. I would say the same, I’m not into the precision that baking requires. But I must admit that, following the recipe to the letter this times worked like a charm!

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