Reflections on Sunday

  • I went to the library to pick up some more books to read at the beach, where we’ll be spending the next few days. Probably it will be snuggled up at the couch because weather will be not cooperating, but anyway… I already finished one of the books. I’m afraid only Dutch-speaking readers will benefit from this tip, but hey, I know you are there! I’m talking about Alle bessen kun je eten, alleen sommige maar één keer by Gemma Venhuizen. (Translated: You can eat all berries, but some of them just only once.) It’s about a student trying to find her way in this world, written with lots of time lapses and a really adequate tone of voice. I liked it.


  • We have a new cleaner and I forgot how good that feels! She came for the first time, just to meet and make a start, and will come back every Friday in September. My husband, coming home from work, usually cleans up a little, mostly arranging things, doing some dishes, making good-looking piles, and was surprised he was done after five minutes already. She’ll be our new best friend, I’m sure of that!




  • Little Boy is changing so fast! He’s really a toddler, can look a bit older just by the day and understands a lot, which makes things a lot easier (or not). He loves bringing me the stuff I ask for, he plays with the dog (who is happily surprised someone is playing with her again), he cooperates (if he’s in the mood) when I am putting his clothes on by raising his arms. He makes me proud!


  • Lately I barely dare to open a newspaper or turn on the news. The situation in Gaza shocks me. I know there are way too many conflicts in this world and a lot of them are not getting the attention or do not provoke the indignation that they should, but this whole Gaza mess? My heart gets cold. Really cold. With fear and with pain. I remember a dream that I had often as a kid: the tower of Pisa was falling and wherever I ran in this world, it would fall right on top of me. I knew that it technically was not possible, but boy, I hated those nightmares. The feeling of not being able to find a safe haven. Knowing that you simply have nowhere to run to. How can we continue to accept (by doing nothing) that UN schools are getting bombed? Or hospitals for that matter? It has nothing to do with choosing sides. But what if you have fear for your life and that of your loved ones every minute? Parents on both sides are afraid they’re children won’t get back from school. Except, the statistical chances of having to cope with the worst imaginable news possible are undeniably and remarkably a lot bigger on the Palistinian side. Why on earth is no one standing up?


And, at the risk of making this look futile after what I just mentioned, I still wanted to share with you some good reads I had last week…




  • Rhonda from Down to Earth wrote this beautiful post on her all time favorite topic: living the simple life and all that comes with it. I think if you find this interesting, you certainly should read her blog as well on the comments on each posts. I’ve learned a lot from those as well!


Do you have a weekly roundup of interesting posts? Please share in the comments, I’m always looking for good things to read!

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

One thought on “Reflections on Sunday”

  1. Love this! I would also love someone to come tidy things up around here. 🙂 New life goal!

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