July Photo a Day – week one



I’m having huge fun with the July Photo a Day challenge by Fat Mum Slim. It encourages me to get out my camera as often as possible and look with a different eye. Besides the daily prompts, I have a lot of pictures now that show details in my home or surroundings, and plenty of Little Boy of course. I thought it would be nice to share my journey with you…


1 – RED + WHITE – I’m in love with the fresh raspberries, straight from the garden. They taste better in the sun though. Today it has been raining and well… it’s just not the same!

2 – SOMETHING BEGINNING WITH K – my mother tongue has plenty of words beginning with k (like cherries or cuddle), but English is apparently way more difficult. So I went with the keys. I have all my keys together, so if I lose this bunch, I’ve lost a way to enter my home, to start my car, to open many doors at school, to arrive at my parents’ house without them being there… Maybe it’s because they’re attached to a hideous pink keychain, but I’ve never lost them *touches wood*

3 – MATCH – doggie matches LB’s football. Ironic. She hates doing anything energy-consuming. If she would be born a cat, her name would’ve been Garfield. A little lazy and very much attached to comfortable things. Like a lap. Or a playmat to snuggle on. Food however turns her into a sharp, smart and quick little being.

4 – STARS – Belgium got kicked out by Argentina. Let’s pick up our lives now.

5 – ON THE TABLE – I would’ve loved to show something food related here, but LB lately got into the habit of collecting a series of things, pick them up one by one to offer them to us. We have to line them up for them, or at least help him do it. It works with everything. Juice boxes, water bottles or farm animals alike. My cute little colonel.

6 – VIEW – Across the street there is some land that always gives me the feeling that I’m somewhere far away. It’s a pity that it’s for sale and when sold, they will probably build on it in no time.  So I enjoy the view whenever I can.

7 – FIRST – Litlle Boy got his first haircut! He was a bit sleepy and snotty and therefore very calm and still. The best possible circumstances – he did very well and I liked how the hairdresser explained me as much as she could.


Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

5 thoughts on “July Photo a Day – week one”

  1. I just started FMSphotoaday too – will have to post a blog with mine! – I got off to a strong start, but some days it feels like a chore if I leave it too late… I’m determined to get through the month though

  2. That’s why I decided to post once a week – some days just work and others don’t. I think every challenge feels can feel like a chore if you get too attached to it (like I tend to do), so I take it rather loosely… Thanks for taking the time to comment!!

  3. Thank you! The nice thing is: she’s posting a new list every month. I take it more or less weekly, because sometimes you just don’t make it on a specific day.

  4. I’ve seen FMS’s photo a day challenge, but never really jumped on board. Thinking I may want to join now. I love seeing life through other people’s lenses.

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