Reflections on Sunday

  • Finally! It’s there! Summer vacation started. Phew.


  • Thursday evening there was the goodbye ceremony for our seniors. I was responsible for the ‘spiritual’ part of the evening and everything went well. It was beautiful, with music our students chose and played, others that volunteered to read a text and a general feeling of togetherness, topped of with a personalized little gift for each one of them. I was focusing on the parallels between the classic story of the stone soup and the bible story of how Jesus feeds a crowd with five loaves of bread and two fish. And when they entered, I played the intro of Game of Thrones on the piano, just as a little joke. Some of them recognized it and came telling me afterwards. I loved to contribute to their big moment.


  • Speaking of which, I really want to give a shout out to Jules and her wonderful site The Stone Soup (LOL, it’s only preparing this post that I finally realized where she got the name from. Guess I’m not a really quick thinker). I’ve loved her blog since the day I started blogging, I love the healthy, simple recipes and her focus on a minimum of ingredients, her clean and humorous style of writing. A few weeks ago, I took the leap and I subscribed to her meal planning service. Not because I need a meal planning service, but because I would like to instill a new habit in our eating schedule this summer: replacing one bread meal by a more veg-oriented one. I think a lot of her recipes would work great as a lunch in my family, so I’ll try to implement some of them this summer. She’s a very accessible and kind person and I her way of communication makes you feel loved and welcome.


  • I’ve signed up for SITS Summer of Social Love and I’m focusing on Facebook as a social medium to complement my blog. I love playing around with it and I learn heaps of new things, but I find it very time consuming. So I’ll do what I can, keeping in mind that I want to spend a lovely summer with Little Boy in the first place. But if you would like my Facebook page, and/or share any post on this blog that spoke to you, it would be appreciated enormously.


  • And this video made me smile. Even after watching it seven times. It made me wonder how they managed to make it too. That baby has to be an awesome sleeper if they had the time to shoot so many great pictures. But the result is beautiful…




Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

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