Filling my long and shiny summer

Hurray! Grading is finally over, I only have to go through a few days of endless meetings, in which we decide on the future of many students, and a farewell celebration for our seniors. Summer is happening right before my eyes and I’m so ready for it. So what are my plans,  besides annoying the whole known world with my two-months-summer-break-stories?




  • Go outside, play outside, spend as much time outside as I possibly can. That might seem weird, but I know myself. As a kid, I was one of those children that preferred the comfort of the inside sofa and a good book to the whole social doing-fun-stuff thing that seemed so popular. But I married an outside man, and I’m mother to a Little Boy who just loves to be outside. And it’s good for me. So I plan on long walks, bike rides, trips to the zoo, every little petting zoo I can find in the surroundings (LB has a thing with goats. Don’t ask…), outside play with water, the sandpit, maybe some playground activities… Soak up every minute of summery weather possible.


  • Take loads of pictures. Not only of LB, but also selfies and pictures of surroundings and activities. Funny details, insignificant stuff, challenges, I want to practice with my phone camera and with my big camera, getting to know both fairly well.


  • Work on my  version of Project Life, (do a quick search on Pinterest, faint after seeing all those impossibly perfect pages and then decide to do it your way, without spending any money on it) one month at a time. I’m quite good at jotting down notes of what we do each day, so it isn’t really that bad that I’m ages behind. I just pick up where I left and enjoy going through all those pictures and memories again.


  • Look for inside activities with LB, beginning with the reorganization of his toys. I really want to limit his choices each day, to stimulate actual play (rather then the just throwing everything out-thing that’s happening now), and install a good rotation system. Meet many friends of his age and a little older, while chatting with friends and colleagues of my own age, discover two indoor playgrounds in the neighborhood, go swimming, maybe take the train to some place not to far, go to the library, get creative.


  • Organize my ‘home office’ (aka the dump), going as paperless as possible. Take the time to go through all my digital files, throw out old papers, copies of tests, newspaper articles that will never ever be used in their tangible form. Using Evernote to have a good filing system and back-up at the same time.


  • Try to work out some basic routines, like cleaning chores I can do while LB is awake. Any suggestions are most welcome, especially if I can involve my lovely energetic 18-monther.


And you, what are your plans for summer?



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Author: Elvira

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4 thoughts on “Filling my long and shiny summer”

  1. Ah, I’m jealous! It is winter here, but two weeks for us. Is it true that you don’t get paid for your holidays?

  2. I love the moment right before summer starts (even though its winter Down Under and I am freezing cold) when there are so many possibilities. Let me know how the paperless thing goes, no matter how I try I just can’t seem to do it I forget a lot of things if I don’t get write them down.

  3. No, we do get paid. For those who are ‘owner’ of the hours they teach (long story, basically when a teacher ends his career, those hours ‘free up’ and someone else can apply for them, once you ‘own’ hours, you have way more job security), they just get paid through summer, their normal monthly wage. For those who are not (yet), there is something called a ‘postponed wage’. It comes down more or less to this: In July you get paid for what you did September-June, a little less, and in August for what you did January-June, a little more. It evens out, but it’s spread a little unevenly. So we don’t have to ‘save up’ to get through our summer (luckily!!)

  4. Yes, I do indeed love the idea of two months of possibilities! The paperless thing is just for school work (newspaper articles, tests, course material), because I have way too many copies wandering around in my house. For the actual planning and to do lists, I have my big book of everything, which works out perfectly for me.

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