Wanted: raspberry recipes

I remember a summer holiday in France with my parents. In the field next to our little rental house, there was a magnificent raspberry bush. From that moment on, I knew I wanted raspberries if I ever owned a garden. So here we are, in our very own house and our very own garden and one of the first things I put in were two raspberry bushes. A yellow one and a classic red one. The yellow one never really took, but the red one did. We had some nice berries of it. Then we had to replant it somewhere else, and I was quite afraid to lose it. Especially since my husband really trimmed it down to zero after the growing season. Guess what: it’s back. Boy, did it come back! It’s a big and lush and huge bush that takes all the space it can claim (and that we have to trim every now and then, just to get at our front door).



It looks so promising that I promised myself not to let go  to waste a single raspberry this year.

And here’s where you come in.
Do you have/use/know a fabulous raspberry recipe without which my life just isn’t complete? Please do leave a link (or more). I promise you to check them out, and I’ll pin them all to my raspberry recipe board!


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4 thoughts on “Wanted: raspberry recipes”

  1. Oh yes, thank you, I’ll check on it immediately! (but my first harvest went straight into my mouth :D)

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