Little Boy reads

Even if Little Boy is really very tired when I pick him up from daycare, we still like to read at least one book before going to bed. I made sure to pick some books that had a few sentences of text – a nice rhythm, or a hint of a story I could tell. While he loves books with separate words and name giving, in my experience the bedtime books need to have a story, so he can just watch.

For many readers, these will be maybe less usable, a lot of the books is only published in Dutch and therefore maybe a little less interesting in the other end of the world. I’ll give a brief description anyway, because well, you just never know…



All of the books together and the translated version of ‘Das gross Buch der Bilder und Wörter’ by Ole Könneke. It’s the least favorite right now, because the images aren’t fully recognizable yet for Little Boy and there are a lot of things that aren’t yet part of his world.



Two bedtime books! The first one belongs to our favorite series, Noodles: Noodle loves bedtime, by Marion Billet. He likes the one with the cars and trains better, but this one is nice also. The second one is Het grote slaap-boek, by Guido van Genechten. Only in Dutch as far as I can find. It shows different animals and how they sleep, with a little sentence as a comment. Very funny.

The one below is from the same illustrator/author, Kijk je mee? We have another one in this series with wildlife in our own collection, this one is about domestic and farm animals. Little Boy likes them and the peacock is his new favorite!




He’s very into animals anyway. What I like (and Little Boy agrees) about the next one, is the mix of (shutter stock) pictures and drawings. It’s just called Huisdieren, by Mack, and every page has a comment, that I often play around with.






But the absolute winner lately must be the last one, it’s a recent buy and it’s a watch- and- look- book. Originally in German (Was machen air auf dem Land/in der Stadt?, by Lila L. Leiber, it once were separate books, but my copy unites both parts), it’s interesting for chidden of very young ages but for older ones too because of the things to look for (like in: why is the woman panicking, who doesn’t like cows, how many ducks can you see,…). I handed the book over on a very busy morning where Little Boy was whining, his dad was still in the bathroom and I had to leave for work. He hasn’t even looked at me anymore, that book was an instant success!






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