In my garden

We’ve had a few days of really warm weather, and they are announcing more to come, so I’m really enjoying my paradise-in-the-making. Most things are doing fairly well and I love to look at all my wee little veggies. Really looking forward to the first snow peas, which will be there soon enough, and curious about my kohlrabi (I bought them by accident and once home, I forgot what it was, so I put them in a distance that is probably way too small, but hey, we’ll see).


my square foot garden, which I’m still very much in love with, and the upcoming snow peas


It’s a challenge for me though to actually use what is ready to use. I should really pay more attention and add fresh herbs to my dishes wherever I can. Tonight I plan a pasta sauce with all the fridge leftover vegetables, so there’s an opportunity right away. Many of my herbs are in a pot that was gifted by my mother. All the plants in it are not only beautiful but also very edible. I have different sorts of thyme, rosemary, rainbow chard, strawberries, purple basil, spinach and my favorite: Indian cress. I have held my heart for my greens when suddenly hail set in, but luckily everything took it with grace. Phew!

Indian cress, hail and a kohlrabi doing surprisingly well


And then there are the plants that were already here before us. This one is a kind of clematis, who is climbing on the fence and mixing with the ivy. Every spring I’m stunned with the big, bright flowers. They make me happy!

who could not love these flowers! Clematis can be hard to ‘motivate’, but once it’s feeling at home, it will be giving you the loveliest flowers year after year! Actually this one made US feel at home even before we got here!

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

One thought on “In my garden”

  1. It’s funny, Elvira, that so many people like yourself find joy in your gardens and gardening, since that’s become something of a discouragement to me. My landscaping is in serious need of repair and maintenance and one area is completely gutted because of water we had in the basement. So every time I look out my windows or step into my yard, I’m sad and frustrated. But! I’m so grateful that you’ve shared these lovely pictures and talk about the joy that God’s creation can bring to you–and to all of us! I don’t know that I’ve visited your place before, but I want to welcome you to the WW linkup! It’s great to have you and I appreciate your kind words to me back at my place, my friend!

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