This week in my kitchen…

Inspired by beauty that moves, encouraged to make this kitchen a warm and welcoming one, where there’s always something to enjoy. Here is what has been going on this week…

twimk - tomaatsjalot


twimk - luikse salade

twimk - sweetpotatoleekmashsalmon

twimk - zucchini cubes


:: chopping up tomatoes and shallots for the pasta dish below. I created the recipe for my husband, who loves pasta with smoked salmon. It’s a very quick dish but yet has to be perfected (to make it come out the same every time). Anyway, we enjoyed it very much.

:: a quick take on the classic salade liegoise. No dressing and added mushrooms. We love the slightly runny egg on top.

:: I love mash, this one is with sweet potato and leek. Paired with a tasty piece of baked salmon, it makes a perfect meal!

:: and, as I did last week, chopped zucchini, this time for a dish I love. I make zucchini – apple sauce since I was a student and it had been quite a long time now, so it was much fun rediscovering this old-time favorite. You can find the recipe here.


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Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

6 thoughts on “This week in my kitchen…”

  1. I really shouldn’t be looking at pictures like yours when I’m a little hungry. Now I’m starving.. 😉 Everything looks wonderful!

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