Little Boy reads

Little Boy loves reading. Although there was no forcing him into loving books, he does naturally and I’m glad he does. So we head to the library to pick up some books. While I love the trip, I hate coming back, because Little Boy hates it too, obviously. He could run around there, surrounded by books, for hours.

So I thought I would show you our last ‘harvest’. I was planning on returning them Wednesday, but writing this post made me realize that there’s missing one. Oh lord. No idea where it has gone. But let’s look at the ones I have here with me…


book harvest one


Noodle loves to drive (Marion Billet) is a real favorite. It’s the second time already we brought this one home, because it’s a book where he also really appreciates the story and the rhythm of the words that come with the images. I will bring it home more often, because that’s the only book he lets me read without flipping the pages on his own pace. And he repeats it in his own way. There are other Noodles books and they are lovely too, but this one is just ‘tha bomb.’

book harvest noodles

Die daar is what we’re currently reading a lot. It’s Dutch and as far as I know it’s not translated, but that doesn’t really seem to matter as it is not about the text. I like this one because it’s useable on so many levels. Right now, Little Boy shows me everything so I can name it. Sometimes he tries to mimic what I say. The images are thrown together by ‘category’, like ‘all things green’, or ‘things that go fast’ or ‘auch’. And on almost every page there is something to play with, r something that moves or,… we love this one and I really love the fact that it’s real life pictures without the matching words.

book harvest die

Piep! een nieuwe dag is also in Dutch (it’s about a mouse named Piep, and how a traditional day looks like). On the left page there’s a simple line of text (love the typography and the solid colors or the pages), on the right there’s the image. I like the style and it’s really close to Little Boy’s world. Not that he seems to care. He’s flipping through the pages and that’s about it.

book harvest piep

And the last one is a ‘lookbook’ by Anne Suess. I love her books. No texts, but drawings that can carry you away forever. So many things to look at, to talk about. My Little Boy loves it and it’s a book he happily plays with and reads aloud all by himself for quite some time (and let me assure you, that’s quite a thing here). I bought another book of hers about fairy tales and while he loves it too, I can’t wait for him to grow a little older so I can all the fairy tales that are hidden in the filled pages. If you have any suggestions on more books of that kind, please do!

book harvest suess

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One thought on “Little Boy reads”

  1. There’s nothing better than a child’s love of reading. My munchkin also loves going to the library, and our local Barnes & Noble, and the used bookstore — any place with books we can borrow or buy. I like Little Boy’s reading selections, but I really like that Anne Suess book; I’ll have to try and get some of her stuff.

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