This week in my kitchen…

Inspired by beauty that moves, encouraged to make this kitchen a warm and welcoming one, where there’s always something to enjoy. Here is what has been going on this week…






:: Found a lovely looking recipe in the May issue of Delicious. : zucchini patties. It was meh. They were more like not-really-good pancakes, and I had to finish them in the oven as in the pan they kept tasting like flower. Out of the oven too by the way. Oh well.

:: Good thing of the whole disappointment: I actually used some greens of my brand new garden!

:: I made up with my husband the day after with a lovely (and hot) quick chili con carne. I can fail in the kitchen any time I want to, but two days in a row would make him really grumpy.


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Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

9 thoughts on “This week in my kitchen…”

  1. Your “meh” zucchini patties had the fate of so many things that look yummy and healthy to me. My family is uninterested, and I hate to confess it, but sometimes I am, too! Carry on – chili for everyone!

  2. I’m jealous — I’d love to be able to cook like you do. I’m trying to cook more these days, so at least we’re not eating out as much, which is also healthier. Now to figure out what new recipe to try …

  3. Everything looks really good – even if the zucchini patties didn’t taste that great. 😉 I think it’s just one of those things, if you never try a new recipe you’ll never learn anything new. Some work, some don’t…

  4. That’s a shame about your zucchini patties. Your greens, however, look super yummy and chili con carne is always a winner in my book.

  5. Chili is just one of those things that works in any season, huh? Sorry your experiment was less than satisfactory…the risk of culinary adventure, yes?

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