Anonymous is my middle name

Watching very beautiful posts with pictures of adorable children sometimes make me wonder if  I shouldn’t give up on the idea of blogging totally anonymously. In real life my name is not Elvira, but it’s my online identity that in the meantime is like a virtual double. I’m very careful not to post pictures with me on it (in a recognizable way) and the same goes for pictures of my husband or son of any relative or friend for that matter. Even if chances are extremely small that someone I know stumbles upon this blog, I would be very annoyed if that person was able to make the connection between the virtual me and the real me and see that connection confirmed in the pictures on the blog.


It’s not that I lie, or make up stories, or share highly confident information on this blog, it’s just… it’s my place. I can use it to vent if I want to. I would be heart-broken if some student read it and used it against me, I would feel highly uncomfortable if any relative discovered this and would mock me on all my wild or less wild plans and challenges. It’s my place to experiment, to document, to write.

A home where my heart can sing…

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

5 thoughts on “Anonymous is my middle name”

  1. I never thought about blogging anonymously, but when I do consider it, it would be awesome to write freely without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings or offending etc. I am going to subscribe to catch more of your blog posting. Cheers!

  2. If blogging anonymously is what makes you comfortable and happy then go with it. For years you would never see my face or that of my children on my blog. For me the purpose of blogging has changed a bit so anything that friends or family would have found upsetting or offensive has been removed. I’m at the point that IF I am discovered by my extended family or “friends” I don’t care anymore (my husband, mom, and brother are well informed about it). I’m just happy I was able to make my blog my own, my way without the interference of back stabbing, two faced, meddlesome gossips conjuring stories about my intentions or how I spend my time. Before I probably would have stopped – now they can just go jump off a frickin’ bridge for all I care. Enjoy your anonymity.

  3. I understand that. I keep my boys names private, and I try not to ever talk about personal things and just keep it to what we all feel comfortable sharing knowing that my husbands co-workers, or my family, or neighbors, might read. On one hand being anonymous feels safer for many reasons (esp. if you work with kids), but then it is also nice to have a connection to people. xo

  4. It’s a difficult decision to make either way. I toyed with being anonymous about who my son was especially when he was born, but since I write a lot of parenting posts, that’s very hard to do! I think if I ever wrote a new blog with different topics, I’d consider an anonymous space. You do what feels comfortable for you, and if you prefer the anonymity when you write, then go after that. There’s no set “norm” in the blogging world, and I know a lot of ladies that blog using a pseudonym.

  5. Thank you for your comment. When it comes to blogging, a pseudonym works for me, but it makes the whole social media thing a lot more difficult. I can imagine that if you write mostly parenting posts, you cannot really keep your children out of your posts… unless you would feel comfortable to lose the personal and authentic feel many mommy blogs have.

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