Killed by enthusiasm

Dear challenge,

you never actually stood a chance. I should’ve known that in the first place. Ten euros on food per day, what was I thinking? It does work easily if I only had to consider the main meal. In that case, I can probably even do with less (but not very much less, if I don’t want to compromise on variation, quality and freshness). But I forgot about breakfast and bread and evening meals and snacks and cheese and desserts and yoghurt. And the fact that at this very moment in my life I don’t have the time to make those from scratch too.

And I forgot to count my little byt too. Because that kid eats like an adult. So I have to buy two bags of carrots instead of one. And do the same thing with about everything else.



So off you go, dear challenge. I promise never to forget you. At least not this month. Because with you in mind, there has been more awareness when making my shopping list. And I did manage to stick to the list. Maybe your quick passing will even help me to reduce food waste. Turn those leftover carrots into a tasty soup for little boy to enjoy with his evening bread. Embrace fresh greens as a side dish for myself and learning to make a good vinaigrette to go with it (cause I don’t really like raw vegs).

This was a humbling experience. There are so many people that would be happy with ten euros a day as a food budget. And I am whining I can’t make it. I know it’s because I don’t have to. Another reason to not let go a crumb to waste. I could call that a new challenge.

Well hello you, challenge. Welcome back!

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

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