New month, new challenge

While I have been online quite a lot lately, I haven’t been blogging. No real inspiration, not many kitchen pictures to share in a blog hop. And oh yeah, Easter break was over.


I’m glad it is the end of the month, because I can’t wait to start a new one. I like ‘fresh’ starts and it’s time for me to really cut the costs on grocery shopping. Not because we can’t afford it, but because it’s happening mindlessly. I have a menu on mind, I go to the store, add some extras to my chart and I’m unpleasantly surprised at check-out. I know it’s in the extras, but still… I just don’t seem to care enough. And I should. If I ever want to feel more comfortable tackling big projects (house-wise), or consider spending less hours at work, I should create a more solid buffer.

I have a challenge in mind. I think it should be realistic, but it will ask some effort. I want to limit my food-related spending and set myself a budget of 10€ a day for all meals. I can use what I have in my cupboards and freezer and I think I might find a lot there. I hope at the same time to reduce my food waste: it’s a shame how much still gets thrown out.

I want to create a master-recipes list before I menu-plan. A list of let’s say 50 recipes that I can play with during the month, depending on what’s on offer. And I desperately need inspiration. So here’s to you: any ideas on budget-friendly recipes, preferably focused on veggies? They would be most welcome…

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

3 thoughts on “New month, new challenge”

  1. The master list is a great idea! I started with family favorites and that gave us a good base. I did it by season – in my world there are two seasons, summer and winter. I’ve been very inspired by the River Cottage Everyday Veg cookbook lately – it’s got some gorgeous looking stuff. On our list: Quiche, spanish omelet, no-cook tomato/lemon pasta, peanut noodles with edamame, fritata. Looks like we like eggs!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Christine! I discovered I’ll have to make that recipe list as the weeks go by, based on what I come across and what I remember being a favorite. I didn’t know the cookbook you mention, but I’m definitely checking it out!

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