Stuffed chicken breasts on raisin-spinach and rice. A lot of rice.


Lately there’s a lot of cooking on my mind. On my mind that is because in reality, I have to do the actual cooking when little boy is taking a nap. He’s not napping a lot lately. I think my focus on food comes from a persistent stomach bug that is hunting us and sticking around. And my absolute wish to make my boy love and discover as much food as possibly. Right now, that isn’t too difficult, the kid loves to eat. But my husband also has asked me to help him eat better. That’s a tricky part. I love to cook and make new things or new combinations. While he tries everything, he sticks to his childhood preferences. Not that those are so bad, they’re just… always the same. Potatoes and carrots, green beans in tomato sauce, fish sticks with frozen creamy spinach and baked potatoes, spaghetti bolognaise…
When I make him oven baked eggplant and goat cheese salad with almonds, he’ll eat it, because he has to eat something, not because he likes it. And he gives me that look…
But lately he finds himself snacking all the time. Healthy things but mainly unhealthy things, because most of the time, they’re easier to grab. I guess he’s an emotional eater even more than I am and it did surprise him the most. He eats out of stress, and I think also because he can’t ‘sit still’. So I promised him to make him a healthy snackbox for work next week. See how that goes. And to make a good start with real food, I threw together something I knew he would like.

Preheat the oven. I always do that on 200°C, don’t know why. Put a handful of dried raisins in hot water to make them swell.

Prepare the chicken stuffing: season cream cheese with salt and pepper and put as much chopped tarragon in it as you like. Tarragon and chicken are a great combo. Add some garlic if you want to. Garlic is always good. We love garlic.

Bake seasoned chicken breasts till they’re brown on each side, but not cooked yet. Take them out of the pan, slice them in a way you can fold them open to stuff with the cream cheese mixture. Close up again, put them in a baking dish and in the oven they go. 15 minutes I guess, until it’s cooked through. Not dried out (although the filling will help you with that) but chicken has to be cooked through. You don’t want any nasty diseases. Especially not after a few weeks of stomach bugs liking your house so much that they pass by over and over again. Ever.

Cook rice. I only recently discovered how to cook rice without those little bags. So I always have too much, like for an entire army, still have to discover measures that fit our family.

Put the raisins in a pan with some chopped garlic (or if you’re lazy like me, you buy it in a tube or little pot, as a puree). Add cream cheese, a spoon or something along that lines and then put in the spinach. I love baby spinach, but any spinach will do, I guess. Stir and toss and make the spinach melt in the raisin-garlic-creamcheese mixture. It just has to be semi-coated, it’s not a sauce you’re making (although you could. And it would be heaven.)

Plate up: a layer of rice, a layer of spinach and a stuffed chicken breast on top. Enjoy.



(Think of what you’ll do with the tons of leftover rice. Make a rice salad adding tomatoes, corn, spring onions, ham, mayonnaise, cream cheese and chives. Have it for lunch the next day. Think again, because you still have another ton of rice.  Promise yourself to work on your food measures.)




Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

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