Just the two of us

So far for ‘she’. I’ll drop it. It works in French, and it has worked in my mother tongue, but in English, I cannot make it work. I’ve used the third person to force myself to look at my life from a certain distance. While it helps, it’s not easy to write it down that way. So, no more she. I’m here!

It has been a while, but we enjoyed a lovely weekend together. My husband and I went out to have dinner in one of the most known (and expensive) restaurants of the country. He turns thirty today, and it has been on his wish list since I know him. To make it perfect, we booked a night at the hotel, while LB was spending his first night out with my parents. We all enjoyed it very much, including LB who has slept longer then ever!
I could describe every dish we ate, but that would take to much space and words can’t nearly express how delicious it was. One work of art after the other. Not much new stuff (as we already eat a lot of different foods in our daily menus), but lovely combinations and textures.

We’ve asked ourselves: can food ever be worth this ridiculous amount of money? Then we decided: maybe yes. It has been part of a much anticipated experience and we enjoyed it with every fiber of our bodies and souls. On top of that, it was our first night together without LB since he was born. It was nice to spend all that time at the table, eating exquisite food, talking about it and knowing we could go to sleep without getting up early. Ofcourse I woke up way too early, but it was not my responsibility to get LB out of bed and dressed for once. A lovely breakfast together and a walk through the city topped it off.

This week I’ll set the budget for April and I’ll dive into making menus. I discovered a beautiful blog, french foodie baby,  that really ticked all my boxes and makes me enthusiastic about trying to incorporate new habits and changing the attitude towards food we have as a family. One thing I would like to do very much, but that will be really hard to incorporate is share meals. I’ll post about that later. 

Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

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