Portulaca soup

The little boy having a fever reduced her kitchen plans for the day. She had wanted to prepare a good veggie-packed ‘stoemp’ (mainly potato mash, mixed with whatever you want and one of  her all-time favorites), but prepared very simple and bare food instead. Broccoli, potatoes and salmon. For her husband, she added a few spoons of Boursin Cuisine, but she and the little boy ate it just like that, topped with a teaspoon of margarine.

The portulaca she had taken from the store because it looked so bright and green and springy was turned into a pretty good soup instead. Very basic, but for those who are interested:


Make the base: chop up some vegetables (she used one shallot, one leek white that was camping in the fridge and the stem of the broccoli she prepared for dinner), put them in a pan with some butter and stew a little, till they start to sweat. Then pour over water, maybe a liter and a half to start with. If you were preparing other vegetables (like she was), you could use the boiling water of those. She added a stock cube too, only one. Since she was cooking for LB, she got used to lessen too salty extras and it tasted just fine.


After it has boiled a while, add the stalks of the portulaca. Lower the heat, let it simmer. Pop in the leaves and put on low heat. It doesn’t really matter how long. You can put a mixer in it whenever you want now and obtain a lovely bright green soup. Season to taste.


Author: Elvira

Woman, wife, mother. Trying to slow down and take the time to listen.

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